The best place to order a paper: writing services vs freelancers

If you need to manage your academic assignment but have no chance to do it correctly, you need to ask for professional help. This way, you need to find someone to do the work for you. If this is what you’ve been looking for, make sure to read in the article. Students have 2 options: find a paper writing agency or look for a freelancer on their own. But which option is more beneficial? Let’s find it out.

Working with a writing agency: pros and cons

When you ask an online platform to cope with your task, you don’t have to worry about the adequate experience of the writers. They usually have enough knowledge and skills to deal with various academic assignments. Moreover, you will get your request processed instantly. The support team is always available. You can also expect great revision policy: a writer will end up with the task only if you are 100% satisfied with the paper. The paper can be delegated to another writer if there are some problems or misunderstandings. In most cases, you shouldn’t also worry about plagiarism. Websites with a good reputation on the Internet use special plagiarism-check tools to ensure completely unique papers.

But what about the drawbacks of working with a writing agency. On the Web, you will find a lot of scam companies that you cannot trust at all. You can come up with a high payment but a bad-quality work. You can chat only with the support team managers but not with the writers themselves. Thus, it is quite inconvenient to discuss the details of the order and introduce different amendments.

Working with a freelance writer: pros and cons

When you decide to hire a freelancer, you choose the person who will work on the task. The good thing is that you can speak with the writer personally. Through communication, you can easily understand the academic and writing experience of the expert and decide whether this person will be able to deal professionally with the task. You can decide on the price on mutually agreed terms. Thus, you can discuss the deadline and tell in more detail the requirements. If you find the right person, you will enjoy the process, benefit the cooperation, and be satisfied with the results.

But what if you fail to find a real professional? To choose the right person, you must have great skills in HR. Do you have them? You can spend a lot of time to scroll through freelance hubs reading the portfolios. And when you find an appealing candidate, you can wait for ages until you get the answer from the writer. Furthermore, the chances are high that the feedback of the writer’s work is fake. This way, you have little or even no guarantees and can only hope for a responsible writer. This is always a great risk to pay someone on the Internet. You can easily lose money and get no help.

Time to make a decision

The choice is yours. Now you know the problem from both sides. If you want to delegate the work to a paper writing service, be ready to pay more but get a quality result. If you decide to cope on your own, you will pay less but can end up working with a fraud. Read other useful articles on our platform to make the final decision.