Are Essay writing services legit?

Studying can be pretty hard sometimes; many students get stressed over the amount of work they have to do. They don’t have enough time to complete every academic assignment properly. Therefore, they search for help. Some students have to work while studying, which makes completing all the homework even harder. Also, some subjects seem to be too hard and unnecessary.

So, what to do if you need help with your assignment? Find a good writing service to complete your paper for you. But is it legal? Will you get in trouble for doing that? Are all these services legit and safe? Well, you don’t have to worry. Writing services are legal if they follow all the laws. They are legitimate and safe if they follow the necessary rules, including avoiding plagiarism. It’s not a crime to take help from essay writing services.

Nevertheless, some educational institutions are against it. So, if you are afraid of using writing service, we are ready to explain to you why there is nothing illegal about it.

What are the writing services?

First of all, let’s get familiar with this type of companies. Essay writing services produce custom-built papers written by experienced and educated writers. It’s easy to buy any work online – from a simple essay to a serious dissertation. Such services help students cope with difficult assignments, get better grades, earn a scholarship or even get a degree. People all around the world use them, so it’s totally normal.

Even though writing services are legal, you should be careful when choosing one. There is always a risk of being deceived when it comes to ordering something online. You can get plagiarized work, which is a serious issue for a student. Also, your paper can be poorly written and not worth the money you paid for it. Another risk – the service can be not confidential. Nevertheless, these aren’t reasons to avoid writing services – otherwise, you should choose the best one to improve your grades and reputation.

Why writing services are legal?

There are several specific reasons why essay writing companies are legit. We understand your doubts, so we are here to help you get over them.

Reliable companies would always mention their terms of service

Terms of service – is a necessary thing to know before you order any service. As a user, you should be aware of all the conditions you’re going to deal with. Credible companies present their terms of usage to every customer. You have to consent to these terms before you place an order and pay money for it.

What are the terms of service for? As a rule, they are meant to explain what kind of work a certain company provides. Writing services notify that all their custom papers can only be used for research purposes or as references. This condition is mentioned to protect the service from any plagiarism or copyright charge. Basically, they say that students won’t be using their custom-built papers as original assignments. But if the service is confidential, no one will know that you submitted purchased essay as your own.

It would be more ethical to use purchased paper as a basis for your own writing. You can learn something from the well-written professional essay and compose your own material, using this knowledge. Anyway, it’s your right to choose. Since you have paid for your order, you can submit it without changing anything.

Credible services just help students by completing their orders; professional writers don’t try to replace students

It is another important reason why it’s okay to use essay writing services. Don’t you think that company replaces students and do studying for them by completing their assignments? It’s a wrong impression about the purpose of such services. They only aim to help students to understand some difficult topics by providing necessary academic materials. So, using writing service helps you to learn, not to shift education to someone else.

Sometimes, you are unable to get your assignment done properly. It’s not a reason to do it poorly and hastily, because you still want a good grade. Therefore, you can always order a paper from a professional writer. You will save your time and get a good example of the well-written original paper. There are a lot of situations when you can use a little cheating. Work, stress, lack of time – most of the students have to face these things. So, it’s normal and legal to seek help sometimes.

Essay writing companies give full ownership of their materials to the customer

As a buyer, you don’t have to credit an author of your work. Professional writing service will never ask you to reference the writer of the paper you have bought. After receiving an essay, you become the only owner of it. It means that you can put your name on this paper as on your own. If you have some ethical issues that stop you from doing it, it’s another question. Legally, the writing service transfers the ownership to you, so there is nothing to worry about.

You may ask “Will it be considered plagiarism?”. Well, you pay another person to complete your assignment, and then you submit it as your own. Someone will call it a form of plagiarism, but it’s not fair, since you have full ownership of your order. Nevertheless, not every service is fair and conscientious. Some ghostwriters or “essay mills” may sell your essay to someone else. In that case, your work will be considered plagiarism, if someone else submits the exact copy of it. To avoid deception, choose only credible writing services with a good reputation; make sure they will guarantee you 100% originality of your order.

Popular myths about essay writing companies

Some students are scared of using online writing services because there are a lot of delusions about them. People make wrong conclusions and don’t want to research the topic thoughtfully. Being too conservative is not a good thing for a student. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid something you aren’t familiar with. We will help you by disapproving some statements about writing services.

Their purpose is to make students cheat

As you already know, it’s not true. Companies don’t try to turn students into ignorant cheaters. All the materials they provide are meant for research purposes, which is totally legal and ethical. Writers compose high-quality academic papers, so students can use them as manuals or a basis for their own works.

Writing services are unethical

This statement is wrong, as well. Reliable and professional services have strict terms about originality and ownership of their works. They avoid plagiarism of any kind. Of course, it’s possible to meet dishonest ghostwriter who will send you plagiarized work or won’t give you ownership of writing. But big companies care about their reputation and satisfaction of their customers.

They make people unmotivated and lazy

First of all, you won’t use writing service on a daily basis. It’s something that you seek for in the extreme situation. When you have no time to complete an essential assignment, it would be useful to ask for professional help. Also, if you don’t understand the topic and cannot make proper research on it, using writing service is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge. If you hire a tutor to better your skills, no one will call you lazy. On some point, it’s similar to buying an essay. If you don’t just submit it, but work on it, edit, improve, add your own thoughts – you are doing good profound work.

As you see, essay writing services are not as controversial as they are assumed to be. It’s a fully legal option for students if they choose a reliable company.

What else you need to know before buying a paper online

If you are new to this, there are some important points for you to know, before you order an essay online.

Check the privacy policy of the company. Make sure your affair will be private, and all your data will be confidential. It would be better if your professor won’t find out that you have bought your assignment.

Find a real registered company. Don’t trust some questionable websites or “essay mills”. Yes, they may have lower prices, but you risk losing your money and getting plagiarized work. Check for the credibility of the service you have chosen.

Formulate your requirements properly. The writer will compose an essay according to the requirement you have. Therefore, mention every important thing about your order. If you forget about some essential point, like formatting or special title page, it would be your fault.

With all these arguments, you should have understood that using writing services is not a crime. It’s safe and legitimate if you find a good company that works according to the law.