How to purchase an essay online: guideline and tips

Sometimes, it gets difficult to cope with all the work you need to do for study. Some academic assignments seem to be difficult, boring and useless. Also, it’s hard to find enough time to complete all of them. Therefore, it’s okay to search for help online.

You may be wondering is it legal to buy an essay online, how much does it cost, where to order it and what to do next. There is nothing difficult about it. Let’s find out all the important points you need to know.

What to know before you order an essay

Before you find a writer to complete your work, you need to check several points about your school’s policy, price of work and reliability of online services.

  • First of all, check out the rules. We are talking about your school’s policy and terms of writing service you’re about to choose. It’s important to avoid troubles afterwards.
  • Find a decent company. There are some writing services that can sell your writing to someone else or send you a plagiarized paper. Choose a service with guaranteed confidentiality and good reputation.
  • Find the right balance between the price and the quality of the paper. Good writing can’t be cheap.
  • Make sure to hire a professional writer, who understands the topic of your assignment, gets all the requirements and is qualified enough to complete it.
  • If you keep this points in mind, you are more likely to find a good writing service and get your assignment completed with no problems.

Tricky things about using writing services

Some students avoid buying writings online because there are several disadvantages and risks. If you have never used writing service before, you should be aware of the following points.

It’s forbidden in some universities to buy academic assignments

If you think that professors don’t know about the existence of writing services, you are wrong. Even if the work you received is 100% original, it’s possible to notice that it wasn’t written by you. Some schools and universities are okay with it, and you won’t get in trouble for buying a good original essay. But in some institutions, it can be totally forbidden, so find it out before you order writing.

Prices can be irrelevant to the quality

Good work with the investigation, strong thesis, right structure and formatting – is not a cheap thing. If you want professional writing, be ready to pay a relevant price for it. Nevertheless, high prices don’t guarantee high quality. Some services will deliver you illiterate, poorly written assignments and charge a lot of money for them. Frauds will always be there, and you can’t do anything about it, just try to avoid questionable services with a bad reputation.

Buying writings doesn’t help you to learn

The goal of your education is getting fundamental knowledge in your field. Will it be possible if you don’t complete your assignments by yourself? Well, your education won’t be useful at this point. Therefore, use writing services only if it’s really necessary. For example, the subject isn’t important or interesting for you, but you still want a good grade.

Pros of buying an essay online

Now you are aware of the risks you can face while using writing services. Let’s move to positive points. There are many pros to buying essays online; therefore, these services are pretty popular among students. Even though we started with disadvantages, profits can outweigh them.

You can learn from professional writings and refine your writing skills

Using writing services not only gives you more free time but also helps you improve your own skills. You can receive a good example of an essay and rewrite it. This way, you will learn how to structure your work, how to deal with references, how to make a thesis statement and a conclusion. It’s way easier with a decent example.

You can gain necessary knowledge on your topic

The essay you order online is good material to learn more about the requested topic. The writer will conduct a necessary investigation and provide important sources you can use afterwards. When you make an order, you can mention all the points that need to be discussed in your writing. This way, you will get clear and structures material on your specific topic without spending any time on research.

And, obviously, you get more free time and good grades

You can pay attention to the subjects that are more important and interesting for you. Also, you will reduce the level of stress if you delegate some of your responsibilities to the professional writer. It’s important to have a rest sometimes because you are not a robot. If some subject isn’t useful for you, but it’s necessary for getting your diploma, you can use writing services to get good grades.

Types of writing services and their prices

Well, you have decided to order an essay online. What to do next? What service should you use? How much will it cost? Let’s talk about it.

First things first, all writings services are different. There are various offers, terms, prices and levels of quality. Before you choose any service, you have to learn about its terms, prices, workers and reputation. The last point is the most important. Check out online reviews from real people to understand if this service reliable or not.

There are three types of writing services, and let us talk about each of them.


They work separately from any company. You can hire a ghostwriter to write you an essay, which will be credited as yours. These workers can be found on websites such as Upwork or Reddit. Basically, you take someone’s work and present it as your original writing.

Prices of ghostwriting are pretty high compared to other writing services. A simple 5-page paper can cost you around $300. Every writer has a personal price, but it won’t below. This type of writing service is quite expensive for a common student.

Essay Mills

These services sell writings by the gross. Therefore, you can’t be sure that your paper will be original. They can sell the same paper to someone else. High quality is not guaranteed as well. Remember, that essay mills are not reliable; you can be deceived by them. But this type of service is the cheapest one, so you can use it at your own risk if you want to save money.

The average price for a 5-page essay will be around $90. Seems like a bargain at first, but keep in mind that quality of writing will probably be poor. Also, the whole paper can be plagiarized.

Custom essay writing services

These companies provide custom-built papers according to specific requests of the customer. They usually have various educated writers, who are meant to compose high-quality papers with 100% originality. Some companies have a great reputation and are totally reliable. They provide plagiarism-check and proofreading. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can get a refund. Custom writing service is an optimal variant for a student who wants to buy an essay.

The 5-page essay will cost you $95-120. It’s more expensive that one from essay mills, but you don’t have to worry about the quality of the paper. Usually, it’s pretty good.

What to do when you received an essay

When you have received your order, you may think about how to submit it properly? Do you need to check it, or, maybe, rewrite it to be sure it’s original? Yes, there are some tips for you what to do with your custom-built essay.

Check if your essay meets the requirements you have mentioned in your order. Read it twice to notice every possible mistake. Make sure the topic is covered properly. Check the formatting – it’s an important part too. Some writers don’t pay enough attention to the formatting, and it can lower your grade.

Don’t forget about the list of references. Check if all of them are relevant. Plagiarism – is the worst thing to have in your essay.

If you have spare time, it would be useful to rewrite an essay by yourself. The paper you have bought can help you understand the topic, so it would be easy for you to write your own essay.

When you are done with rewriting, you can go for another service – proofreading. Writing services usually offer this option, as well. You can order editing of your own paper, so it will be original, but checked by professionals. It’s a good option, if you don’t want to buy a whole essay, but still not sure if you can cope with it by yourself.

As you see, there are several ways to buy an essay online. Some of them are questionable, so choose wisely to protect your reputation as a student. Use only reliable services with good reviews, if you don’t want to lose your money. Avoid plagiarism of any kind and always read your custom-built essay thoughtfully before submitting it.

If you take it seriously and pay attention to the details and requirements, you will successfully receive a well-written essay and save your time.