Definition of plagiarism and ways of avoiding

Different universities and colleges have their percentage of plagiarism, but at the same time, it has something similar in its definition. As for the definition of plagiarism, it seems to be the process when you take someone’s work, don’t write the author’s name in references, and behave like you wrote this by yourself.

Whatever the format is, the academic paper is defined as a research one. It means that it’s quite difficult to find the topic which hasn’t been researched before. So anyway, the student needs to use previous works of people who worked with this topic before.

The absence of the credit, as well as the absence of the author’s name in the bibliography list, is defined as plagiarism. In other words, the student steals someone’s work.

By the way, this point is serious enough, because every college, university, and other educational institutions have strict rules against plagiarism. The practice shows that sometimes students can’t pass the academic paper in the first and even the second time. When their papers aren’t plagiarism-free for the third time, the students are blacklisted. Having the writing assignment, students need to know that the one side is research, writing, and formatting, and the second side is checking on plagiarism.

When you are not sure whether you are violating the law, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Use online tools for researching and not citing them in the bibliography list
  • Use a quote while writing a paper and don’t credit the source
  • Use the excerpt from the book or article and don’t refer to it
  • Use data which are available in the public area and don’t cite them

If you want to be fair and not to be hired on stealing the works, pay attention, and cite every source which was used by you for your assignment. Also, you need to mention them in the list of references.

One more point is to use only those sources which you and the tutors can trust. Don’t use the online articles which haven’t even the name of the author. The sources you can trust are:

  • Articles which are published in the official websites
  • Books
  • Modern articles from specialized journals
  • Articles and books which you can find in libraries

If you have no time to deal with all these activities, you can hire an experienced expert who will write a unique paper for you.

It is clear that after being entered into the college, university, or any educational institution, you will deal with different kinds of academic papers. Every time you will work in different formats, with a different topic and with different volumes of the paper. Don’t forget about meeting deadlines, formatting, and completing the bibliography list, and so on.

It isn’t a secret that students try to combine the studying process and earning money. The problem is that they have no time to complete all the writing assignments which are given to them by the tutors.

How to solve the problem?

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